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1746 N Spring Street, LOS ANGELES, CA 90012

Apotheke LA is always celebrating and what better way to celebrate than with bubbles!

From seltzer to champagne, highballs to spritzes, fizzes to flips, this new Apotheke Academy explores all things bubbly. You'll explore techniques in utilizing and harnessing carbonation in Apotheke-style cocktails.  

Learn proper cocktail techniques using a provided complete set of professional mixology tools - the same tools Apotheke Mixologists use. You and your friends will create 4 Apotheke-inspired cocktails for your own enjoyment and with hands-on guidance from Apotheke's seasoned mixology team.

Apotheke Academy is perfectly designed for individuals seeking to learn more about the art of mixology, dates or groups looking to enjoy a fun cocktail experience, or as a team-building experience.  Private sessions of Apotheke Academy are available and can be booked at

We strongly encourage having a light meal prior to your Apotheke Academy session.

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