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A first-ever guide to the art of alcohol-based curatives from Apotheke, the unique apothecary cocktail speakeasy created by award-winning artist-entrepreneur-designer Christopher Tierney. In Apotheke: Modern Medicinal Cocktails, Tierney and co-author Erica Brod take a fascinating look at the use of plants and alcohol as medicine throughout human existence, the history of the apothecary, and the story behind Apotheke’s creation and design. 

Apotheke features 50 of the establishments’ renowned best-selling Formula List recipes, organized into six healing categories, and additionally, more than 60 recipes for original house-made ingredients are shared in the Compendium.

These boundary-shattering medicinal mixologies—delicious, beautiful, and curative—impeccably merge science, art, flavor, and balance, and enable the amazing healing power of plants to be harnessed and savored at home.